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Dugald McLaren

Dugald McLaren is a multi-platform artist (songwriter, designer, sculptor and inventor). His first career was as an electrician by day, songwriter/ performer at other times. He has wintered in Antarctica and summered on Macquarie Island. He began working on the music and lyrics of ANTARCTICA in 2009, with workshop performances in 2012 & 2014. He established Sundog Productions, with Dana M Bergstrom as a platform for their individual and joint arts practice. Sundog Productions in conjunction with Tasmanian Theatre Co co-presented the premiere of ANTARCTICA in 2016 at the Theatre Royal. Dugald also designed and made 10 articulated puppets for the production and followed through with a sculpture series of penguins, albatross and petrels. Since 2014, Dugald has written the music and lyrics for a song cycle A PRETTY SONG FOR YOU (at workshop stage) and published seven EPs and albums as well as selected songs. He is the co-director of Sundog Productions, Australia.

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