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Want to follow our musical story or read about Antarctic science, climate change and like things? Well this is the place to be.

An Antarctic blizzard approaches
Blizzard - Dana M Bergstrom

What the team is up to

In 2016 we premiered our original musical Antarctica - A New Musical at the Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania. Our fledgling company Sundog Productions, partnered with the Tasmanian Theatre Company. The show was well received. But as the saying goes, musicals are not written they are re-written. So in 2019 our composer and lyricist Dugald McLaren approached Arts Tasmania for support to develop the work further and produce a concert for a major Antarctic conference planned for Hobart in 2020.

Yes! You guessed it! Like everything arts in 2020, the concert had to be cancelled.

But Arts Tasmania has been very accommodating. Produce what you can they said.

And so this is what we are doing. In a Covid-19 safe way we are producing the show as concept album / podcast.

We planned to release this in 2022.

No firm date set yet , because in these times, nothing is predicable. But please join us for the journey. We aim to take you to Antarctica aurally and we have updated the show's name too - Antarctica, Beneath the Storm!

Alas our wonderful Antarctic animal puppets can not join us this time, but they will be there in essence. We are designing works inspired by animals and lyrics from the show for items available in our soon-to- be-opened print-on-demand store.

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